Tell us what the ocean means for you #OceanforClimate

Tell us what the ocean means for you #OceanforClimate

Due to our incredible success as humans, our planet and our kids are under pressure. Facing these challenges, we have no choice but to be optimistic and to believe that tomorrow will be better than today. I have no doubt that investing in the Ocean, its research and protection, will take us further up the road.
– Romain Troublé, Director of Tara Expeditions and member of the Ocean & Climate Platform


A few days away from the start of COP23, it is time to show our support and shed light on the decisions advanced in favour of a sustainable ocean management. The Ocean and Climate Platform is launching the campaign #OceanforClimate and is asking for your support and participation! 

TO DO SO: please share on social networks, a picture of you holding a sign with the hashtag #OceanForClimate, and a caption explaining what the ocean means to you.

We invite you all to join the campaign to give the Ocean its rightful place in the international climate dynamics.

Thank you for your participation!

To send us your picture and text, or if you need more information, please contact:

Anaïs Deprez
Marc Domingos